Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Tayitu?

Tayitu Cultural Center is named after Tayitu Betul (or Taitu)1851-1918, an iconic figure in Ethiopian History.  Etige Tayitu or Queen Tayitu ruled the Ethiopian Empire during the era of King of Kings, Menelik the II. During the battle of Adwa, Etige Tayitu mobilized her own military force and was able to strategically defeat the Italian forces and win a decisive victory for Ethiopia.  Please view the About Tayitu link to learn more about Etege Tayitu.

Is the Tayitu Cultural Center just for Ethiopians?

No. The Tayitu Cultural Center is dedicated to fostering appreciation and understanding of Ethiopian arts and culture and the Ethiopian American experience. The TCEC provides programs and events for anyone interested in learning about and experiencing Ethiopian cultures.  The monthly poetry Nights are open to poets writing in either Amharic or in English and are free and open to the public.  Churches and organizations from around North America, Canada, and Europe routinely sponsor events and take Tayitu on the road, those events are up to the organizers’ discretion.

Where are Tayitu events or programs held?

The monthly poetry Nights are held the last Friday of the month, at Silver Spring Civic Building. 1 Veteran Plaza. Silver Spring MD 20910. The program starts at 7 pm.  The first part of the evening is an open mike for poets.  The second part of the evening is dedicated to a particular author and his/her works.  Other Tayitu events will be posted on the Events Calendar page of the Website. (Link Here)


How do I find out about future events or programs at the TCEC?

The TCC sends an electronic newsletter as a reminder for the Friday Poetry Gathering. When there are special events or when Tayitu on the road happens in a city outside of Washington DC the newsletter will provide information and updates on the particulars of that event. To subscribe, send an email to  Info@tayituculturalcenter.org with “subscribe to Tayitu” or “unsubscribe to Tayitu” in the subject.

How can my organization become affiliated with the TCEC or take Tayitu-on-the-road?

Contact our program coordinator or email Info@tayituculturalcenter.org


How can I support Tayitu Cultural & Educational Center?

Tayitu Cultural  & Educational Center welcomes support in all its forms.  Tayitu runs on a shoe-string budget so financial contributions can be made by mail, and online.  Tayitu has an ongoing membership drive. Annual memberships are $120, or if one prefers it is possible to give a one-time donation of any amount.