The workshop series is one of the cornerstones of Tayitu Cultural & Educational Center’s educational objectives.  Every November scholars and practitioners of art and literature come, from around the world, to teach this eagerly anticipated workshop series.


Here are the participants

Dr. Hailemarkos Ayalew –   Journalism Ethics
Professor Tadesse Adera –   Ethiopian Poetic Verse
Dr. Hailu Fulas – Why Amharic become Ethiopia’s official Language
Dr. Shimeles Frew Amharic and other world Languages
Mr. Amha Asfaw – Are there rules of poetry, rhythm, and verse?
Dr. Fekade Azzeze – Ethiopian traditional poetry an verse
Mr. Alemayehu Geberehiwot –View on the history of the development of Ethiopian poetry.
Dr. Alemayehu Abebe – Introduction to Qine and Ge’ez Literature, with actual Qine recital.
Ms. Lucy GeberEgziabher – Film and Theatre: Similarities & differences.